The Typographer’s Toolbox – Bộ font cực hot trên CreativeMarket nay đã có mặt tại ^^

1.) 16 Authentic looking Hand-Lettered Fonts (See Preview shot 2 for all the fonts):

  • Bacon Sandwich: A no-nonsense uppercase , sans-serif typeface done with a broad-tip fine-liner.
  • Fish & Chips : A Jaunty,playful, tall uppercase font set, made with a thin felt tip.
  • Fox & Bear : A cute and charming uppercase font with varying thickness in its letters.
  • Gingerbuck : An unshaded quirky font with thin inky edges.
  • Habaneros : A Casual Brush Painted Font, with varying brush pressure, and watery lines.
  • Handsome Hand : A Hand-lettered Calligraphy Script made with a good old fashioned nib and ink, and irregular baselines, with a touch of refinement frivolity.
  • Heartstrings : A playful tall font with sharp lines of varying thickness and a haphazard baseline.
  • Hunterswood : A blockish san serif font made with a thick tip square marker, and a little love and care.
  • Lemon Squeeze : A messy hand brushed font painted with haste and abandon!
  • Mustache : A super cute and playful inky script with a touch of mischief.
  • Rembrandt: A Thin painted dry brush script with flamboyance and a rebellious personality.
  • Shopaholics : A javial sans serif jotted font with a loud boastful character.
  • Stalemates : A Smooth Monoline script with inky imperfections, and a tall physique.
  • Stringbeans : A little 3D and a little inky, with round edges and a fine tip.
  • Sugarbush : A hand lettered calligraphy-type script, with a few inky imperfections and wobbles.
  • Zanjeros: A tall uppercase Brush Script with messy edges and a playful nature.

Need to check out all the fonts? Go on – give the fonts a whirl in the text preview type box above 🙂

2.) A super handy set of vector based Illustrated bits and bobs to compliment the font set – and the designs you make with them – available in psd/eps and ai 🙂






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