[AIO] 15 font script từ Myfonts – over $200

1. Aparo – DS Type – $40

Typography or Calligraphy. Unconnected or Connected. For us, at DSType Foundry, that was the main question. With Aparo, we tried to bring the best of the two worlds into a single, yet complex, typeface. Aparo appears to be a very simple bold italic roman typeface, but it has plenty of calligraphic flair, including swashes that make your words stand out, collision detectors so that you don’t get weird combinations, alternate characters activated by default for improved calligraphic effect and a very extended character set in a total of 897 glyphs. Download our detailed type specimen for complete information on Aparo.

Designers: Dino dos Santos

Debut: Jul 2, 2013

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!


2. Aranjuez Pro – Sudtipos – $59

Aranjuez is the latest Koziupa and Paul adventure. This time, they max out on calligraphic art deco, then add a healthy dose of the thick-and-thin mantra that’s been so trendy for quite a few years now. The result is neo-psychedelia in an upright cross-breed of pseudo-wood deco and ornamental calligraphy, complete with alternates, swashes, endings, playful contrast treatments, and even background possibilities. This font is quite expressive, and its elegance is meant to be shown prominently. So use it for packaging, book covers, or wherever the message needs to be delivered clearly and with a precisely controlled touch of class.

Designers: Angel Koziupa, Alejandro Paul

Debut: May 29, 2012

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

 3. Balmoral – Letraset – $39.96

 An elegant, free-flowing copperplate script style designed by renowned British designer Martin Wait. Generous initial capitals compliment the more restrained lower case letters that join for balanced letter spacing in word settings. Excellent for certificates, citations, diplomas and greeting card applications.

Designers: Martin Wait

Debut: Mar 17, 2003

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

4. Blanchard – CanadaType – from $24.95

Blanchard is a revival and elaborate extension of Muriel, a 1950 metal face made by Joan Trochut-Blanchard for the Fonderie Typographique Française, that was published simultaneously by the Spanish Gans foundry under the name Juventud.

Blanchard is a script that embodies the post-war narrow decorative aesthetic that would become the instantly recognizable feature of that era’s design. Its high ascenders corners make it the tuxedo of fonts, with slight and casual angles gradually revealing a trustworthy confidante, and sharp corners signaling a most expressive ally. Font. James Font.

This digital version updates the original metal shapes to work within today’s design tools and designer needs. Some of the questionable metal shapes were optimized, plenty of alternates were added, and as many as five ending forms were built for most lowercase letters. Overall, this is one of the most useful packages for book cover, magazine and packaging design.

Blanchard is available in all popular formats. Blanchard Pro combines all five fonts into a single one that makes use of OpenType’s cross-platform compatibility and programs that support OT’s fine typography features, like recent versions of Adobe InDesign and QuarkXpress.

Designers: Joan Trochut-Blanchard, Rebecca Alaccari, Patrick Griffin

Debut: Feb 20, 2009

Pack: 6 fonts – Buy Now!

5. Chateau – Wilton Foundry – $29

On the one hand Chateau is almost palatial but at the same time it has a quite earthy personality as represented by the stenciled strokes.

However, this stencil effect serves to refine the strokes by creating the illusion of a completed thin stroke. Chateau is more of a hybrid roundhand script with its contrasting ornate capitals.

Originally a fortified residence in France was called a Chateau. Today there are many estates with true Chateaux on them in Bordeaux, but it is customary for any wine-producing estate, no matter how humble, to prefix its name with “Chateau”. This is true whether the building itself is a magnificent palace or a shack. The distinctive chateau architecture was in inspiration for the name of this script.

Chateau is ideal for packaging design, invitations, announcements, headlines, brochures, menus, weddings, scrapbooking, etc. Chateau is available in Opentype, Postscript and Truetype for Macs and PCs.

Designers: Robbie de Villiers

Debut: Aug 16, 2007

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

6. Comalle – Latinotype – $49

Comalle is an organic typeface that rescues some elements of handwritten script, but its stroke does not necessarily answer to a literal calligraphy structure.

So Comalle could produce a powerful impact on the page, it was designed with thicker strokes than its counter forms. The objective is that the black of the letter fills the page and causes a fastest visual impact than typographies that balance blacks and whites.

One of the most important tasks of the Comalle design was to think of how to handle the unequal percentages of blacks and whites in the typeface. The peculiar thing, is that the precision work of the letter does not make the blacks, but the whites; this is the reason why in one first instance it was very valid to start off designing in a very gross way, nevertheless, the majority energies are put in the details of the design of counter space.

From the drained filling concept of forms Comalle was born, a typeface that pretends to enchant with its delicate counter space design and to impact with the heavy outlines which compose its form.

Designers: Juan Pablo De Gregorio

Debut: May 16, 2012

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

7. Ka Callista – Karandash – $28

Callista (from the Greek for “most beautiful”) is a fat cursive typeface, inspired by the works of Francois Boltana in the early 1970s and those of Milka Peykova in late 1970s.

With its Full Latin and Cyrillic support, Callista is a perfect choice for short headlines and logotype design.

Designers: Vassil Kateliev

Debut: Nov 28, 2011

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

 8. Legendaria – Corradine Fonts – from $14.95

Legendaria is a very sophisticated and elegant connected script font. Its more than 1300 ornamented characters make it incredibly versatile. Most lower case letters have at least 15 different options, including tails and flourishes.

For Open Type users “Legendaria OT” is the best choice instead the separated files of ornamental complementary fonts.

Designers: Manuel Eduardo Corradine

Debut: Feb 1, 2011

Pack: 17 fonts – Buy Now!

MyFonts Rising Star

9.  Lullaby – Ania Szerszen – $20

Lullaby is a display font that works great for headlines, posters or logotypes. With its regular rhythm, soft lines, some non-standard ligatures and two versions of each character (caps as alternatives), it gives many possibilities for any kind of typographic artworks. It works best with auto kerning in OpenType savvy applications.

Designers: Ania Szerszen

Debut: Sep 25, 2012

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!


10. Mirella Script – Intellecta Design – $52.90

Mirella Script is a modern and clean approach of the classic French Bastarde script style. Mirella has the follow resources :

– Lots os ligature forms (using contextual alternates open-type feature),

– many stylistic alternates for each letter (upper- and lowercase and all accessed with the glyph palette), a set of 55 ornaments and fleurons accessed with the glyph palette or using the Ornaments feature);

– initial and final letters with artistic variations accessible using the initial and final form open-type features

– a tour-de-force kerning work: almost 700 gliphs in this font was adjusted to your kern pairs handly.

In non-OpenType-savvy applications it works well as an unusual and beautiful script style font. We ever suggest the use of the glyph palette to find ideal solutions to specific designs, because the high number of gliphs. The sample illustrations will give you an idea of the possibilities. You have full access to this amazing stuff using InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and similar software.

Mirella Script has original letters designed by Iza W and overall creative direction plus core programming by Paulo W.

Designers: Iza W, Paulo W

Debut: Aug 23, 2012

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!


 11. Nelly Script Flourish – Tart Workshop – $39

Sometimes you need to gild the lily, add a little drama. With that in mind we’ve created a collection of flourishes & embellished letters to enhance Nelly Script’s romantic appeal.

Nelly Script Flourish is the jewelry to a beautifully appointed lady, the icing to the wedding cake, the VaVoom! Nelly Script Flourish comes complete with a large variety of alternate upper and lowercase forms in OpenType format.

Designers: Crystal Kluge, Stuart Sandler

Debut: Jul 1, 2009

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

MyFonts Rising Star

12. Portfolio – Wilton Foundry – $29

In spite of the fact that Portfolio’s capitals are highly ornate, it is still very legible.

Portfolio, in combination with its elegant lowercase, creates a prestigious presentation useful for Certificates, Wedding Invitations, Corporate Identities, Brochures, and Headlines.

Designers: Robbie de Villiers

Debut: Feb 1, 2006

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

13. Pyes Pa – Tim Donaldson – $95

Hailing its roots from the much-prized Modern Didot and Bodoni families of the late 19th century, Pyes Pa re-introduces the intuition of calligraphic script while utilizing the contrast available to contemporary digital fonts to produce a highly refined alternative for those of us who are bloody serious about our Bodoni Poster Italics.

Pyes Pa features automatic OpenType ligatures and contextual alternatives.

Designers: Tim Donaldson

Debut: Sep 28, 2010

Pack: 3 fonts – Buy Now!

14. Royal Classic – Wiescher Design – $66

Royal Classic is another work that is based on a design that has initially been comissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria for in-house-use.

I bought a set of his chief scribes guidelines for writing and one of the scripts in the set is this elegant narrow classic script. I thought, I give it a decorated sister-script with elegant initials in the tradition of John Ayres.

I only sell the two together, because they should be mixed. Please do not use too many decorated initials!

I proudly present my new Royal Classic script.

Your very elegant Gert Wiescher.

Designer: Wiescher Design

Debut: Oct 12, 2005

Pack: 2 fonts – Buy Now!

15. Sutturah – Rosetta – $50

Sutturah is a display font intended for posters and display environments demanding high visual impact. Originating from an exploration of new, radical text patterns, the font combines highly detailed and constructed shapes with a script-flavouring. The design brings together varied influences – from gothic Fraktur to the ultrablack display, and high-contrast wood types. Sutturah is informal and irreverent in its visual style.

Its strong character goes beyond the accepted conventions of letter-shape construction, quickly catching the eye and surprising the reader. Its personality allows for the creation of stunning pieces of design without the need of any other elements – a single word in Sutturah can be worth a thousand images! Extra ligatures and swashes provide the designer even more possibilities to experiment with and add to the fun of using the typeface.

Designers: Octavio Pardo

Debut: Aug 29, 2012

Pack: 1 font – Buy Now!

Communication Arts Typographic Annual 2013

Granshan 2012 Award

TDC Typeface Design Winners 2012

Typographica Favorite Typefaces of 2011

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